Warm welcome to our Summer Intern, Itzel!

My name is Itzel Ismeray, I am from Richmond and a senior at Huguenot High School and a sophomore at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College by a program called Early College Academy, ECA. Hopefully I will be graduating with my associates degree or enough credits for a junior status in college by the time I graduate high school. I am an Intern for UnBoundRVA and I will be here from June to August, thanks to a program that placed me here called Partnership for the Future. I want to own my own business one day later in the future, so I was excited to know that I would be working in an organization like this. I love playing sports, dancing, and eating! I love exploring new and exciting things, I am very open-minded, and I just love to draw, which brings out my spontaneous and creative side. I’ve also always wanted to ride a horse, just because it looks like so much fun, but I look forward to one day traveling the world!