Pleased to Welcome Program Assistant, Lindsay!

Meet Lindsay Palmisano! Lindsay is from a small town just outside of “Believeland,” Cleveland, Ohio, but enrolling in the University of Richmond as a Leadership Studies and Education student is what initially brought her down South.  Her extensive civic engagement with the Bonner Scholars Program and the neighborhood of Church Hill made her realize Richmond’s rich history, culture, arts scene, and social justice pursuit, which is what ultimately tied her down here! Lindsay first became familiar with the work of UnBoundRVA when co-founder Sarah Mullens gave a discussion about social entrepreneurship at UR two years ago.  Since then, she has admired the organization’s dedication to ensuring that individuals with innovative ideas are not personally or societally defined by monetary or systemic circumstances, both now and in the past.  Lindsay is excited to officially join the “real world” as a member of the UnBoundRVA team, where she will serve as the Program Assistant doing anything and everything until November. Through her position, she hopes to build relationships with the aspiring entrepreneurs, take advantage of the Black Hand Coffee offered, as well as learn more about building a business and about the city’s resources available to do so. Outside of UnBoundRVA, she enjoys crafting homemade cards, drinking iced green tea, and consuming any food that is edible.  You can find her biking through the streets of Church Hill, and when she is able, getting intentionally lost in foreign lands. She looks forward to exploring more of Richmond, and continuing to use the word “y’all” with no questions asked.

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