New Beginnings for Carolyn


Since we started UnBound in 2013, we’ve been absolutely blown away by the generosity of of so many people around the city. We’ve had literally hundreds of people help us along the way, and this support has been the key factor to our success so far.

And last Thursday, we had one of the absolute coolest experiences: a branding strategy session for Carolyn’s business, The Crafty Peacock, with the wonderful ladies at the Mom Complex.

10511450_396584497189083_8213897795195809040_oThe two-hour session was filled with their signature “game-storming” activities, and ultimately led to Carolyn having a much deeper understanding of her vision for her business and the types of customers she wants to serve. We landed on a strategy of “new beginnings:” gift baskets for people going through major transitions in their lives – from weddings, to new jobs, to new babies. 

There weren’t many dry eyes when Carolyn drew an inspiring parallel near the end of the session. For Carolyn, “new beginnings” rang true on a couple of levels, because in a lot of ways, starting The Crafty Peacock with UnBoundRVA has been hers.

And the wonderful Britt Flippo at the Mom Complex also got a new beginning.

“This was my first time ever facilitating a strategic brainstorm so it’s been really nice how Katherine has trusted me with taking an idea and running with it. She’s been such a great mentor through the whole process…It’s easier to care a lot more and get more into it with a non-profit. It’s easier to see that you’re making a difference and easier to feel good about what you’re doing. Since we do a lot of strategic consulting, this experience has made me feel a lot more comfortable presenting to a client, no matter how big or small. And it’s given me a really nice introduction to being a strategist. It’s just been great opportunity.”

All around, it was such an amazing experience, and Carolyn couldn’t say enough good things about the Mom Complex after the session.

“I love the creativity that they put behind the session and how comfortable I felt when I was there. I’m very appreciative that Britt took the time to put everything together and for everyone else’s creativity during the session. I’m just blown away that you can use creativity like that.”

It’s on days like Thursday that we realize how proud we are to be in a city where UnBound is possible… and so proud to partner with organizations like the Mom Complex, because they’re really the ones who make it all happen.