Just Capital

At UnBound, we’re proud to be riding the recent wave of conscious capitalism and social business. We’re proud, of course, because we believe in the mission of the movement. And we are even more proud of the people who are leading the charge. Some of the people for whom capitalism has worked so beautifully – John Mackey of Whole Foods, Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes – are the very people who are pushing the needle towards fairness for everyone.

In his TED talk, Paul Tutor Jones II gives a great framework that challenges the current metrics for business success. Rather than looking solely at profit margins, Jones believes that “put[ting] justice on par with profits” will gives us “back our humanity.”

We’re really excited about his initiative Just Capital, because we believe that the solution to poverty can’t exist outside of capitalism. We have to work to see a shift within the system that allows better access to the amazing opportunities that capitalism provides.

Watch his full talk below!