Why you should donate to UnBoundRVA?

  • Inspire change
  • Transform lives
  • Recognize potential

  • Support local families
  • Make dreams come true
  • Build a better Richmond


When you donate to UnBoundRVA, you help our non-profit organization cover the expenses it takes to support our organization’s entrepreneurs. From technical resources to training, your dollars allow us to support the aspiring and talented individuals we see in our community and lead them through the steps of becoming a small business owner. With your help, we provide our entrepreneurs with the resources, tools and financial services to ensure that they can operate their own small business full time.

The Impact


Ron donates $100 to UnBoundRVA


This helps provide small business education, guidance, and support that gives the skills, confidence, and opportunity to entrepreneurs to start their own business


Kim’s business provides her with the keys to her future success, unlocking her full potential and inspiring others in her neighborhood to pursue their passions.

Fiscal Sponsors

UnBoundRVA has been supported in some way by each of our fiscal sponsors.

Luck Companies
Capital One
The Hull Foundation
New Market
The London Company