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One of my favorite parts about working at UnBound is being able to expand beyond my network and meet all types of new people. I especially love sitting down with each of the UnBound entrepreneurs to not only learn more about their quirks and charms, but also about their aspiring motivations and goals. I recently was able to sit down with Avian to discover more about her background and interests. When I first met Avian, I could instantly tell that she was a go-getter. She is the type of person who knows what she wants, and goes for it fullheartedly. I really admire Avian, not only for her patience, but also for her Mama Bear Fierceness. Avian is passionate about everything she invests herself in, and is extremely dedicated to her family and work.

Avian Mills


The following narrative describes Avian and I’s conversation:

1. Give me a brief summary of who you are, where you are from, what you like to do for fun, etc.

I love that the first thing Avian and I talked about was how much she loves to paint. Avian has a huge passion for the arts with skills in painting, photography, collage and other various art forms except for ceramics, which she says she does not have the patience for (we had a good laugh at how ironic this is, considering her extensive background and passion for teaching young kids). Avian’s passion for the arts started when she was in college where she attended the the Art Institute of Charlotte for Interior Design, and then later Converse College where she studied Art Education. She likes to incorporate feminist themes into her artwork, focusing on the complexity and beauty of the female body. She also is a huge fan of the De Stijl period. Avian is particularly attracted to the linear colors, the texture, and the overall flair of the work from this period. In her free time, she likes to paint for her family and friends. For example, Avian painted a huge Carolina Panthers logo for her father, who is an avid fan of the team. When Avian isn’t spending time with her family or creating art, she likes to go for runs. Her favorite running spot is along on a stretch of trees that is abundant with flowers, and during the fall time as Avian describes it, looks as if “a box of crayons threw up”.

Avian Mills, "to Your will"
Avian Mills, “to Your will”
Avian Mills, "Ashanta"
Avian Mills, “Ashanta”










2. How have your passions been able to translate into your business?

Avian’s passion and artistic abilities have helped her with running her business. Her creativity allows her to think of out-0f-the-box solutions for her clients, which Avian says is a necessity to being a successful professional organizer. Not only is Avian incredibly creative and talented, but she also has a natural instinct to help take care of others. These three skills and passions have all had a very positive impact on running Avian’s business.

3. What attracted you to be an entrepreneur?

Avian says she has had entrepreneurial interests her whole life. For example, when she was a kid she used to draw and sell her Looney Tunes cartoons to kids at her school. Although she had this entrepreneurial instinct as a child, she didn’t realize being an entrepreneur was an actual option until she was an adult. More than anything Avian wants to teach her two daughters (ages 5 and 10), and her nephew (age 12), that entrepreneurship is an option. At the end of the day, Avian says that God has been pushing her throughout her whole life to be a business owner. With Avian’s strong leadership skills, patience, and dedication, entrepreneurship just makes sense for her.

4. What’s happening with your business right now? What are short term/long term goals you have for your business?

Avian finished creating her website for Closets and Kids! She also recently attended the 2016 National Association of Professional Organizers Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Avian is continuing to take online classes with NAPO, and the Institution of Chronic Disorganization. She says her most favorite topic she has learned about so far is how to help individuals with ADHD manage disorganization. Her short team goals right now are to continue getting speciality certifications to enhance her skills, and her long term goal is to get a professional organizer title certification through NAPO. Avian is also focused on working with children to instill organization habits beginning at a young age to ensure their organization success as they grow and develop. She hopes to work with local schools and daycares to teach the importance of organization through interactive activities and programing! Overall, Avian’s main goal is to learn as much as she possibly can, and to get to a point where she is able to run her business full time.

5. What would you say has been the biggest struggle/change since starting the program?

The biggest change Avian has experienced since starting the program has been adjusting her schedule to make sure she is allotting enough time for the things that are the most important to her, as well as letting go of things that aren’t as important. Ultimately, her family is her biggest motivation and since starting the program, Avian has been making a point to stay focused so that she has enough time to be with her family. Avian is always extremely committed to whatever task is at hand, and is excited to be in a position where she is finally able to spend more time with her family.

6. What do you like most about starting your own business? What guides you in running your business?

Avian’s daughters and nephew play a vital role in Avian’s life. Her ability to make her own schedule so that she can have time with her family is a huge motivation for Avian to run her own business. She also says that being a small business owner allows her to be able to determine her own worth. In addition, God also plays a huge aspect in guiding Avian. Avian says God has given her skills to run a business, and every day she makes sure she is making decisions that God will be in approval of. Avian truly gives everything 1,000%, and is excited to continue to grow her business.



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