UnBoundRVA is no longer accepting applications for Class Five. Class Six will begin recruitment in the summer of 2019. If you would like information on applying for Class Six please contact Thank you again for your interest in pursuing your path to entrepreneurship!


If you are a referral partner, please click the refer now button below to be linked to the online referral form. Please note, the referral form cannot be saved and returned to later. Therefore, it is recommended that you write the letter of recommendation with reference to the “ideal candidate” and provided application questions before beginning the online referral form.

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Key Dates:

  • Application Deadline for Class Five: September 7th, 2018

Recruitment Process

Step 1: Attend a mandatory information session
You must make it to at least one of our information sessions. The information sessions provide an opportunity for individuals to learn more about the UnBoundRVA program and model, as well as play an integral part of getting to know the potential participants and applicants. The information allows applicants to determine if UnBoundRVA is the best fit for their journey to entrepreneurship.
Step 2: Gather your referrals
UnBoundRVA requires each applicant to provide a referral as part of his or her application. They are vital to the application process as they speak on behalf of their applicant.

Requirements for your referral to be considered in your application:

  • Referral partners and applicants must have a deep and trusting relationship.
  • Referral partners must be able to speak confidently about their applicant’s ability and willingness to start their own business.

Steps for Referral

  1. Select your referral
  2. Give referral the “referral information” sheet that you received at the information session
  3. Referral considers questions and drafts letter of recommendation in a word processor
  4. Referral clicks “Refer Now” under “Apply” at
  5. Referral enters the password on “referral information” sheet
  6. Referral completes and submits the referral

If you have questions about the referral process, please reach out to

Step 3: Application
After attending an information session, interested applicants will receive the password to access the online UnBoundRVA entrepreneur application. The application has three parts:


1) Background information (current and past employment, past education, demographic information, and income information)

2) an essay section

3) a multiple choice section.

Applicant should collect all necessary information prior to beginning application because it cannot be saved and returned to later. The application must be completed in one sitting.

Income Requirements

UnBoundRVA works with low-income communities. We use the definition of “low” as defined by the Richmond Housing and Urban Development Department.

Please visit this site for income eligibility and contact with questions. 

Step 4: Selection
UnBoundRVA will use the application, referral, interview and information session to make decisions for the next class participants.
For information on the application process, program, or to refer a candidate please contact  

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

Referral Partners

If you are interested in referring an applicant to our program, please reach out to

Strategies to Elevate People
St. Andrew's School
City of Richmond
Peter Paul Development Center
Neighborhood Resource Center
Habitat for Humanity
Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond
Blue Sky Fund
Art 180
Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School