Royal McCargo — 1010: It's More Than A Business… It's Family!!!

1010: It’s More Than A Business…It’s Family!!!


One of my favorite sayings is: “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Over the past year and a half, I’ve been given a grand opportunity and the expectation is sustainability. Every day I am blessed to see what I’ve worked so hard for begin to manifest itself. On this journey to small business ownership, the support of my family has been unwavering; however, along the way I’ve gained so many new family members.

Greetings All! My name is Royal J. McCargo. I’m the owner of 1010 Post Construction, LLC and proud alumni of UnBoundRVA Class 2. Having been a former editor in chief, it’s with great honor and appreciation to appear as this edition’s guest blogger.

1010 Post Construction, LLC. is a full scope interior/exterior post construction cleaning company. The majority of my days lately have been spent on or around construction projects. It’s fair to say, I’ve bear witness to a lot of building. I’ve been able to see and contribute to all phases of the construction process, from foundation to turnover. Seeing a construction build from beginning to end is a beautiful sight. With the laying of solid foundation, secure infrastructure, and solid surroundings, I’ve learned your end result and turnover will always be 1010.

It’s this everyday process of foundation to turnover that will inspire the remainder of this blog.

When I first came to UnBoundRVA I was in a rough spot, spiraling the through the continuous cycle of employment called contactor temp to perm. However, while working through UnBoundRVA’s initial curriculum phase, personal branding workshop, I realized that if I really wanted this, I’d have to tear down, level out the past, and start the process of laying a truly solid foundation. By mixing time and information with the other participants and UnBoundRVA staff, foundations were laid and relationships began to be solidified. Tenets like embrace your “delta” and workshops on emotional intelligence and value identification were added to the mix of my new foundation. My relationship and trust in UnBoundRVA began to stiffen. After personal branding workshop, I can say with confidence my foundation and trust was on solid ground.


During the second curriculum phase, ideation workshop, I considered the framing portion of my new journey. After laying a solid foundation, my infrastructure has to be as sound, right? I began to open my eyes to the real possibility of small business ownership and accepted internally the idea that I had to operate from the head and heart. The matching of ideas to skillsets and passions is similar to installing insulation and sheetrock. That’s Tim Hettermann: my guy, my family, my lil bro! He’s been alongside of me from day one and has played a pivotal role in the building of 1010. Can’t thank him enough. I’ll always remember the day we came to a solid decision on my logo. After several long drawn out (pun intended) attempts, we stumbled upon a clock. You see, in my world being on or ahead of schedule is vital. We talked about value statements, missions, reputation, and suddenly the biggest smile came across his face. I most certainly was beaming as well. At that moment in time, we both realized that we landed on something solid and sustainable. Megan Murray is like the flooring. Not that I walk over, quite the contrary. Megan is the one who keeps me grounded. She makes sure the foundation we laid is protected. Countless times, Megan’s been the one to work through situations and ideas. That’s my little sister and I couldn’t be more blessed to have her in my corner. Luke Buckovich, “el jefe” as I call him, is more like the project manager. Constantly providing insight and unwavering support to see my end result achieved. If el jefe is solid with it, I know it’s a go. His guidance has been greatly appreciated. In the communities 1010 works in, homes are built with brick and stone. Melody Short, is my brick and stone. She makes the cipher complete. Melody keeps the external forces at bay and keeps me looking pristine. A jewel in all areas of life, I’m lucky to have her walking alongside of me on my journey. In a few short months, her impact has been profound both personally and professionally. Finally, Lauren Hogg is like the doors and windows, always a breath of fresh air. Always smiling and ready to engage in only the best conversations. Mostly, around hip-hop, notice I didn’t say rap music. Best way to describe Lauren would be, DOPE!



For me, UnBoundRVA is more than just unbelievable support, guidance, and opportunity; they are family. My brothers and sisters. Family is my most critical value, both in life and in my business. I consider everyone from my fellow peer participants to alumni partners and staff all family. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them.


I’m often asked, “how did you start your business”? To which I simply reply, “by being of service”. By having a passion and desire to lend of myself to others whether of lower, equal, or more fortune, color or gender. UnBoundRVA was the vehicle to starting my small business but volunteering is what laid the foundation to make this opportunity a reality. I also share with those who inquire, that is was with the support and backing of Peter Paul Development Center (PPDC) and the foresight and confidence of Mr. Damon Jiggetts. I went to PPDC seeking volunteering opportunities and they welcomed me with open arms. They allowed me to participate in the Garden Program working alongside youth who were interested in growing. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was literally planting the seeds for my future and in the process building lasting relationships and gaining new family. I recently completed the final cleaning for PPDC’s new addition and hired members of the community to aid. This was clearly one of the greatest highlights I’ve experienced thus far. This bought things full circle for me and help me realize the impact I’ve always sought to make manifest itself. I still participate in all of PPDC’s Community Info Feast and most certainly consider them family. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity they opened up to me and for their unwavering support.



Many find it funny when I tell them that I waited to Day 1 of UnBoundRVA Class 2 to apply for the program. I’m eternally grateful to Sarah Mullens for answering the phone for me and allowing to me do a year’s worth of work in 4 hours. Thanks for your vision, heart, and foresight. Shouts to Richard Luck who’s always only a phone call away.


Over the past year, I’ve had to call upon all of the training and knowledge acquired from UnBoundRVA. While it been mostly good things, I’ve had my fair share or roadblocks and obstacles. I’ve received necessary feedback from clients which has only aided in my growth. Emotional Intelligence and remembering MY WHY are what keeps me moving forward.


As I reflect, I’ve experienced a lot of firsts over the past year. Never would I have imagined that I’d be able to provide employment opportunity to over ten individuals in seven months of actual operations. I couldn’t foresee having an opportunity to speak about 1010 Post Construction and UnBoundRVA to a packed room at the Retail Merchants Associations. I most certainly didn’t think I’d appear on front page of the Richmond Times Dispatch business section, or have articles written on me in Richmond BizSense. Maybe the craziest and most rewarding of all, having an opportunity to brush shoulders and pick the brain of a serial entrepreneur who’s heart is as huge as his philanthropy. I’ll never forget him saying to me, “you’re going to have ups and downs and plenty of obstacles. Just remember to keep doing it and have fun while you’re doing it”. Those words set the foundation for how I would build and operate my small business and engage life in general moving forward. Shouts to Pat Hull for that jewel and the many others he shared.

The author (Royal McCargo) with Pat Hull

In closing, “1010” translates into “all clear”. This is the end result of the services I offer. “1010” is also family as both my daughters (MY WHY) were born on the 10th of the month, with my oldest being 10/10. 1010 is also how I engage my clients during the ups and downs and in turn expect the same from them. That way there’s no confusion or misunderstanding. After laying solid foundation and building impenetrable infrastructure with solid surroundings and covering, and also a breath of fresh air. I’ve realized 1010 is more than just a business….it’s Family, Lifestyle, Movement!!!