Bringing Class Three Businesses to Richmond Part I

Class Three Business Updates!

We have started off 2017 by starting the process to launch FIVE new businesses in Richmond this year! For those that are also business owners, or have been following UnBound pretty closely over the past two classes, are pretty familiar that there are a lot of tasks needed to happen on the backend in order for all the “sexy” entrepreneurial things to happen. What are some of those tasks you ask? Well the first is making sure each business gets incorporated, which our amazing legal partner LeClairRyan handles for us. Step two is going down to City Hall to get business licenses and zoning compliances. This process often takes multiple steps, and typically includes a waiting period. This waiting period nonetheless is an important time to get a lot of prep work done for phase two of the launch process. Some of that prep work includes researching equipment needed/other costs associated with getting the business up and running, as well as having branding and marketing strategy brainstorming sessions. At this moment Angela, Kendra, Clarence, Mike, and Nathan have all been incorporated. All businesses have their business licenses, with the exception to Nathan’s business Egghead (food cart businesses have a different process for getting a business license/zoning compliances.) Each business is also starting to network (sooo exciting!!) and all have attended a synapse meeting. This time of the year is always super exciting for us as we get to share the experience and excitement of launching new businesses, and we can’t wait for each business to become fully operational! 
Networking at Synapse!
Other exciting Class Three updates:
  • Kendra and her business Plated Traditions had their first branding meeting with PUNCH, a local advertising company!
  • Clarence and Mike have identified all the equipment needed for their businesses, and are scheduled to meet with the loan committee this month!
  • Angela and her business Buchanan’s Cleaning Service have been busy researching vehicles, and have had luck finding some solid potential options! Once Angela decides on a vehicle she will then meet with loan committee to get the ball rolling to purchase a vehicle!
  • Mike is getting ready for his branding and marketing meeting with Left Plus Right for his business Winston’s Property Preservation! 
  • Clarence has had TWO branding and marketing meetings with Helm and Hue, and recently got a pretty snazzy vision board! 🙂 
  • Nathan has finalized pricing for his food cart (Shout out to Joe the Cart Guy!)
  • Kendra has been working on setting up Insightly, a customer relationship management resource!
  • Nathan is setting up a meeting soon with Big River, to discuss branding and marketing strategies for his business, Egg Head!


Nathan meeting with Joe the Cart Guy!


Kendra’s first meeting with PUNCH, for branding and marketing for Plated Traditions!



Ps. Want to learn more or get in touch with the businesses? See information below! 

  • Mike Winston- Winston Property Preservation specializes in maintaining properties to their pristine conditions! His services include HVAC, plumbing, winterizations, and so much more. 
  • Kendra Moses- Plated Traditions is a recipe compiling service that takes old recipes and preserves them into digital files that be customized into any fashion including into a printed and bound book. 
  • Angela Buchanan- Buchanan’s Cleaning Service is a residential cleaning service. 
  • Nathan Kent- Egghead is in the process of becoming a mobile food cart that specializes in gourmet breakfast sandwiches. 
  • Clarence Bassett- Cut Close Lawn Care provides quality and dependable law care services including but not limited to cutting grass, weed eating, edging, leaf removal, mulching, and other needs related to lawn upkeep!