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Since starting at UnBound I have had the privilege of getting to know each of the entrepreneurs, especially within the second class. This past week I asked Royal McCargo, the owner of 1010 Post Construction, LLC to sit down with me for a very casual interview for our blog series “Beyond the Business”. This series is a way for our audience to be able to connect with our entrepreneurs on a more personal level, and for us to give updates about each business as they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. And because really, how often is it that you meet a small business entrepreneur who loves Shakespeare, gardening, and refers to himself as a Daddy Day Care?

My first impression of Royal was that he was very charming, and had the most contagious laugh and smile. Royal is the type of person that after just a single conversation with him, you feel incredibly inspired to be a better individual. Needless to say, sitting down and talking with him on a more personal level has been such an honor! The following narrative describes my conversation with Royal McCargo.




  1. Give me a brief summary of who you are, where you are from, what you like to do for fun, etc.

Royal is a native Richmonder, the owner of 1010 Post Construction, LLC and the father of two girls, Jasmine (8), and Mia (5). He graduated in the top five of his class at John Marshall High School before graduating from the University of Virginia with a BA in Arts and English Literature. He is a huge Shakespeare fan, with his two favorite works of literature being Othello and The Tempest. He originally studied pre-law at UVA but later switched his major due to a change in his academic passions. After completing his studies at the University, Royal worked for a couple fortune 500 companies, owned a few small businesses with friends, and started a family. Royal, who refers to his life as a full time Daddy Day Care spends most of his days by going on hikes, playing soccer, visiting museums, gardening, and overall exploring the city with his daughters. His favorite band right now is The Roots. Did I mention he also plays the stand up bass? Royal is by far the coolest guy on the block.


  1. What brought you to be an entrepreneur?

“It was always something I wanted to do. Something I felt like I really had the potential to do.”

Royal is an extremely dedicated, passionate, and overall hard working individual. Around 2007 when the job market was at a low point, Royal says he thought more about small business and about the ways he could create new opportunities for himself. He tried his hand at a few businesses, but was not at the right point in his life for them to run successfully for very long. Last year he stumbled upon UnBoundRVA while volunteering in the community garden at Peter Paul Development Center. He miraculously was able to fill out the application a few hours before UnBound’s application deadline and very first class. Royal says hard work, determination, and drive are all key qualities that have all helped him succeed in the UnBoundRVA program. Overall, Royal cares very passionately about giving back to his community and sees entrepreneurship as a way to do so. He is very excited about partnering with UnBoundRVA as he gets ready to alter his career pathway.


  1. Where did the name “1010 Post Construction” come from?

For Royal, “1010” has multiple meanings. His daughter’s were both born on the 10th, with one of his daughter’s birthday actually being on October 10th (10/10). “1010” also translates to “all clear”. The name “1010” holds significant meaning with Royal as it keeps his values on the forefront of his business- his children and family. Royal, who used to work with computers also says “1010” means “off and on” or in other words, “you are ready to go”.  


  1. What’s happening with your business at the moment?

Royal has officially launched! He is expected to receive his license by the end of this month and is ready to start to take on clients! Royal is finishing up his sales pitch deck, and is continuing to work on his presentations to cater to specific clients. Royal says he appreciates this (what sometimes feels very slow) process because he realizes the importance of each stage, and how each stage lends to one another. By the end of the month Royal says he should be ready to go!


  1. How has being an entrepreneur changed you?

Through UnBound’s curriculum Royal says his outlook on life has overall changed, especially his perception of himself. He pays more attention to emotional intelligence- particularly his impact on others, and how this awareness transfers to his personal life and business. Royal speaks highly about the importance of valuable connections, eliminating negativity from one’s self and surroundings, and the importance of having mentors. Since starting the program Royal says he has learned more about where his passions truly are, which is ultimately giving back to his loved ones and community.


  1. What guides you in running your business?

“Critical values: family, respect, integrity, community.”

As I’m sure you can tell, Royal is a huge family guy who prides his accomplishments on behalf of his two daughters. His daughters are his guiding force and inspiration. He strives everyday to make sure his daughters have greater opportunities than he has had, so that they can become the best versions of themselves.

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Awesome article Lauren!! I appreciate you taking the opportunity to spotlight 1010 and me on a more personal note. Great job, I enjoyed reading this. #youdidthat #scribe #penwomanship

Detrice y

Wow, what an awesome article that touches on alot of relevant details on Mr.Royal..actually as I was reading the article it took me back over 20 years . When we were growing up and to hear you describe every detail of who I knew him to be, yet with so much transformation makes me (smile ) and Proud!! When I was reading about his love for Shakespeare, it made me smile and think about his cousin Andre , who passed away! He also possessed alot of these Grand qualities, and should be right along side him living his dreams! ! ! Royal it’s been along time, but it is Spectacular to see you never gave up on ur dreams and you are walking in your purpose on purpose!! Lots of love to u and ur girls ????

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