UnBoundRVA is now accepting applications for aspiring business owners to join Class Five. RSVP to secure your spot at a mandatory information session.



Class Five Timeline


Long-Term Program Timeline

Key Dates:

  • Applications Due: September 7, 2018

  • Interview Week: September 10-14

Recruitment Process

Step 1: Attend a mandatory information session
You must make it to at least one of our information sessions. The information sessions provide an opportunity for individuals to learn more about the UnBoundRVA program and model, as well as play an integral part of getting to know the potential participants and applicants. The information allows applicants to determine if UnBoundRVA is the best fit for their journey to entrepreneurship.
Step 2: Gather your referrals
UnBoundRVA requires each applicant to provide a referral as part of his or her application. Our referral partners serve two primary purposes:

  • They are vital to the application process as they speak on behalf of their applicant.
  • They act as an external pillar of support as the applicant moves through our program towards his or her goal of entrepreneurship

Requirements for your referral to be considered in your application:

  • Referral partners and applicants must have a deep and trusting relationship.
  • Referral partners must be able to speak confidently about their applicant’s ability and willingness to start their own business.
  • Referral partners cannot be a former boss, employee, or colleague from a previous job.
  • Referral partner must be willing to support the applicant throughout the duration of the UnBoundRVA program.

Finding your referral partner:

  • UnBoundRVA has extensive partnerships with community organizations around the city that have acted as the referrals for many of the applicants who have come through the program. This list is available on our website. We encourage you to look through the list and consider whether you have any connection with these organizations.
  • If you do not have a connection to any of these organizations, think through any other community organizations that you dedicate time to and are involved with while considering the requirements listed above.

If you have questions about finding your referral, please reach out to

Step 3: Application and referral organization forms
After attending an information session, interested applicants will receive an application from UnBoundRVA. The application has two parts: 1) Questions for the applicant and 2) a referral form. All necessary information will be sent directly to the applicant and their selected referral from UnBoundRVA.

Please visit this site for income eligibility and contact with questions. 

Step 4: Interview
Applicants will schedule to meet with the UnBoundRVA team for an interviewing process for UnBoundRVA to further get to know the applicant.
Step 5: Selection
UnBoundRVA will use the application, referral, interview and information session to make decisions for the next class participants.

For information on the application process, please contact

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

Referral Partners

If you are interested in referring an applicant to our program, please reach out to

Strategies to Elevate People
St. Andrew's School
City of Richmond
Peter Paul Development Center
Neighborhood Resource Center
Habitat for Humanity
Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond
Blue Sky Fund
Art 180
Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School