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We impact all of Richmond by empowering talented individuals from low-income communities with a path to entrepreneurship.

The Impact


Bob hires Lonna’s pet sitting business to take care of his two dogs


This supports Lonna’s effort to move her children to a safer neighborhood and provide a stable life


Lonna is able to be a role model for her son who now has a vision of what he can achieve

Featured Businesses



Nathan Kent
Breakfast Sandwich Catering Service





Nathan Kent chooses to live thoughtfully and intentionally – to fill each day doing what he loves, and to share that love with the people around him. He chooses to find fulfillment in creativity and community through the powerful goodness of the most important meal of the day–breakfast.  As the owner of Egghead, Nathan crafts specialty breakfast sandwiches that bring strength and cheer to the eggheads of the world.  Egghead’s catering service offers a rotating breakfast menu based on seasonal ingredients, fluctuations in food costs, customer feedback, and Nathan’s egg-ceptional creativity and egg-squisite experimentation. Egghead’s simple goal is to provide catered food that will fuel Richmonders so that they can have the best day possible. It’s that (over) easy.


Buchanan's Cleaning Service

Buchanan's Cleaning Service

Angela Buchanan
Residential Cleaning Service


Angela Buchanan has a special eye for organization and appreciates neatness.  Even as a mother of five children and a grandmother to 11, she has always seen cleaning her home as a practice rather than a project.  Angela aspires to bring a sense of serenity to her clients’ homes through her cleaning services. Buchanan’s Cleaning Service offers both residential and commercial housekeeping. From a once a month clean to a full-scope package that ensures all needs are addressed, Buchanan’s Cleaning Service clients are bound to take pride in their homes and offices.

Plated Traditions

Plated Traditions

Kendra Moses
Recipe Preservation



Ever since she was a little girl, Kendra Moses has viewed the kitchen as her living room where all of her loved ones gather. With her passion for cooking and family as the business cornerstone, she whipped up Plated Traditions, L.L.C. Plated Traditions converts your cherished and delectable recipes into professionally designed recipe cards and books that can be saved as a high-quality PDF or printed into works of art worthy of your coffee table or book display.  Kendra appreciates that there are few simpler pleasures than sitting around the kitchen table to enjoy great-grandma’s famous sweet potato pie or Uncle Joe’s green bean casserole. That is why Plated Traditions clients are treated like family and provided the opportunity to re-create and share meals prepared by many hands that have been passed down for generations. Consider Kendra’s cookbooks for a thoughtful holiday or birthday gift for friends and family!

1010 Post Construction, LLC

1010 Post Construction, LLC

Royal McCargo
Full-Scope Construction Clean-Up Services

Ever wonder where all the debris from a construction site goes or who cleans up after a job is completed? Royal McCargo knows. The owner of 1010 Post Construction wants to provide fluidity and convenience to his clients, ultimately saving them money and time by delivering a valuable service for residential construction sites. The name “1010” stands for ‘all clear’ in the emergency services industry, and it is Royal’s goal to provide that same result on all of the projects he’s working on, from new home construction builds to smaller renovations. Royal is the father of two daughters Jasmine and Mia. They were both born on the 10th of their respective months, which provides the double meaning and inspiration for 1010.

By incorporating his love for family into his company’s name, it will allow him to keep his values in the forefront and never lose track of his vision and goals for his business.

Closets and Kids

Closets and Kids

Avian Mills
Professional Organizing Service

A professional organizing service, Closets and Kids helps customers achieve more space and less chaos. De-cluttering, organizational coaching and reworking a space makes owner Avian Mills happy. She especially enjoys working with children, making it fun to stay organized. Client education is a key to Avian’s business. One of her goals for her customers is to be able to maintain the harmony an organized home or office brings. Avian always loved keeping things tidy and organized.

It wasn’t until she worked with UnBoundRVA that her vision for her business became clear and helped her make her dream of being an entrepreneur come true.

GroundUp Coffee

GroundUp Coffee

John Eshler
Mobile coffee shop

Bold. Fresh. Energizing. And we don’t just mean the coffee. John Eshler dreamed of owning a business his whole life. But his dreams of success were replaced by fears of failure as he struggled with his relationship with alcohol. Faced with dark times, John found motivation in a different kind of drink — coffee. He began to transform his former struggles into newfound ambition — and found the passion to fulfill his lifelong dream. It’s not looking in the past, it’s about aiming for the future while enjoying the simple things in the present. And for John the very best of life is shared. A story. A dream. And a darn good cup of the very best coffee. Grab a fresh start.

For John, true success is being happy with who he is and following his dreams no matter the obstacle.

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